Did Your Listing Expire? 

We specialize in selling homes that have previously failed to sell.  Are you in need of a new marketing plan and the advice of a real estate professional?

Do you know that you are not alone? Actually, many homes end up on the expired list.  Sometimes even the nicest homes expire! We have found that there is always a reason why a home did not sell. We use a 5 point evaluation system to help determine why your home did not sell.  We look at condition, price, location, desirability and our "3 senses" test. We would be happy to look at your home and use our 5 point evaluation system free of charge with no obligation.

There is a fine art to listing a home to sell quickly and still bring you the highest price. The right Realtor can make it happen, and help you with every step of the process from listing, marketing, and showing your home to making sure you are ready to move on time.

It is my understanding that a property you own was listed for sale, but before it could sell, the listing agreement expired.   If that is true and you still have an interest in selling, and have not re-listed with any real estate broker, then I would like the opportunity to personally share my proven marketing program with you.  After careful review of your property, I feel this property is salable and I would like the opportunity to discuss with you why I think the property did not sell and what I can possibly do to help you get it sold.

Selling a primary residence seems difficult to many Realtors these days.  The differences in properties must be capitalized on or the built-in advantages will be lost, and you may find yourself surrounded by problems.  Whether you decide to try again or not, with or without a broker, you will know a little more about the selling process.  Please understand, there is no obligation!

If you would allow me the opportunity to interview for your listing and decide to list with me, I would create the widest possible demand for your property through our extensive marketing program, which in return, will allow us to get top value for your property.  You will notice that I personally offer services that most REALTORS do not.  If you will allow me the opportunity to list your property, not only will you be hiring one of the top real estate teams, you will also be hiring a top real estate firm.

Having been involved in more than 1025 transactions, and personally selling more than 525 homes, both listings and sales, during my real estate career, has proven that Experience, Knowledge and Marketing IS the proven key to success. Put my experience, knowledge and marketing to work for you so we can get your property sold. My Team and I stand ready to help you.

In today's market, now more than ever, you need experience and not just "lip service".

If you had heart surgery, would you want an experienced surgeon or someone that only did a few? ...and what happens when you bring your car to a mechanic that is not experienced? You can bet the passengers of Flight 1549 that landed in the Hudson River were glad it was Captain Sulley!

Here are some examples of things we will do differently:
- We develop a marketing plan for each listing - not every home can be sold in the same manner. We strategize and ask ourselves, "where will this buyer come from."  Is your home for a "first time buyer" or is it for a "move up buyer," etc, and the team develops a marketing plan specific to your home.

-On-line marketing - did you know that experts say that 80% of today's buyers start on the Internet. You should know that:
- We are online in a big way with multiple websites
- We use the maximum number of photos
- Virtual tours on every listing that we market
- Your home will be listed on all major website portals

-Feedback - many expired listings tell us that "they never heard any feedback." You will love our feedback and listing notification service. We/you can customize feedback the way you like it. You will not be left in the dark. 

Real Life Success Story
This is Jim, and this is his story.

"In October of 2007, I listed my town home with a Realtor that was actually referred through an acquaintance. I listed the property for 3 months initially. I then re-listed the home with the same Realtor and in June of 2008 the listing expired again. The total time that I had this property listed was 8 months. During this time there were no offers and I received hardly any feedback regarding the home, the only comment that I heard from the Realtor was that "it's the market."This was extremely frustrating and I was worrying about my dilemma, I really needed to sell this home. I received some information from Joe DeLorenzo; I decided to interview Joe D. He presented his plan very clearly and also helped me to understand the financial situation in a way that no one ever considered. I listed the property with "Joe D and Co". He delivered on everything that he promised, from beautiful facts sheets, photos, INTERNET presence to the outstanding service and updates. Within 49 days with Joe, we received 2 offers and sold the home for full price, the price that Joe recommended! We cannot thank Joe enough, the professionalism that we experienced with Joe and his team is second to none. I would recommend Joe D to anyone that needs to get their home sold."....Jim B.

This is Darryl’s story.
"I had listed my home with another agency, it expired once, I listed again with the same agent, then it expired again, after several months of frustration we expired and had to look for another agent. I met with several realtors, and then we met Joe D. Joe presented his marketing plan; he reviewed our situation and looked at my entire home.  We signed with "Joe D and Co", what a difference. Joe made suggestions on minor improvements that we could make; he helped us stage the home and was very accurate on the selling price. "Joe D & Co" also kept in touch with us and gave us updates on the market as well as timely feedback; we did not receive this type of service with our prior agent. Joe D sold our home in 70 days, in a down market! We were able to relocate out of state as planned. I highly recommend “Joe D and Co” to sell your home. They are true professionals and they know their business."..... Darryl

Sometimes, even the nicest homes fail to sell!  We specialize selling homes that failed to sell.  Call us for a free evaluation of why your home did not sell and what we need to do to get it sold!

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